Soltaro Battery 2kWh Module

Soltaro specialise in end to end solar systems & energy storage solution that has been designed, redesigned and innovated for the harsh Australian climates. All of Soltaro’s products go through strict manufacturing standards and the highest degree of quality control to ensure your investment remains hassle free for the duration of the products life cycle.

Class Leading Features

  • Visually pleasing for domestic and commercial environment
  • 90% depth of discharge, 10,000 cycles
  • Plug & Play with online monitoring
  • 10 year warranty for materials and workmanship, 20 year upgrade
  • Compatible with SolaX, Goodwe, Imeon, Ingeteam & LiVoltek
  • Automatic unit isolation if fault occurs
  • Start at 2kWh up to 100kWh of storage


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