ECO Splice 200mm Rail

PV-ezRack SolarRoof


Reliable, robust roof mounting system with high quality components designed for concealed-fix roof claddings (Klip-lok, Longline).

To achieve and maintain improved watertightness of solar installations on Klip-lok type tin roofs, PV-ezRack SolarRoof has been expanded with a range of non-penetrative brackets. Rigorous testing on real size roofing sheets ensures safety, compliance and structural integrity of the PV-installations. As a result, the Klip-lok type brackets can be used for installing flush to the roof as well as for tilted systems.

Splice for ECO Rail

– Splice with a standard length of 200mm (7/8″)
– Hex Socket Head Bolt M8 x 18mm (5/16″ x 45/64″)